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Artemisias verden

Teacher and author

Ann Hilde Boland



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H .  L .  P H O E N I X

Author and illustrator H. L. Phoenix (a pseudonym) was born in 1982, and grew up in a suburb of Oslo.

Phoenix was occupied with sports and drawing at a very young age, and won his first drawing contest at the age of eight. While he continued to dedicate himself to design and illustration, his interest in the fantasy genre grew bigger and bigger.

He has been a professional designer and illustrator for fifteen years, during which he has won several international and national drawing and design contests.

He’s an educated personal trainer, nutritional coach and youth worker, and works at a high school in Asker.

H. L. Phoenix has a book deal with EGMONT Kids Media, Norways biggest publishing house. 

He lives outside of Oslo with his wife and three children.

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